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The Farm:

The farm was established in 1946 by Peter A. Wiebe. He started out with a 40 acre parcel of land, 6 dairy cows, a handful of pigs, chickens and one very old barn. Grandpa always worked off the farm in order to make ends meet. His main “side” job was a heavy equipment operator for the local R.M.

In 1961 a bell roof dairy barn was built to accommodate an increased dairy herd size of 16 cows. Pigs and chickens accounted for a minimal part of the farm. In 1963, Dave put school on hold in order to manage and complete the day to day tasks of the farm. In 1969 a 12,000 laying hen operation was started. In 1972 an addition was built onto the existing dairy barn to increase the dairy herd size to 54. In 1975 Grandpa moved to town. Dave and Anne purchased the farm. As the family grew so did the farm. 1998 was the year that the marked the beginning of the beef operation. In 2002 a new 80 stall dairy barn was built. In 2005 the laying hen operation was sold and the purebred Limousin herd was started. Berkshire pork was added in the spring of 2007.

Dad, (Dave) who had been serving in the local church since 1997 returned to "school" in 2006 and began working part time with the Eden Foundation as an Addicitions Counsellor. Dustyridge Family Farms was established in 2007 with Dave and Anne Wiebe, Rob and Shannon Wiebe and Darrell and Cheryl Harder.





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