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The beef herd consists of registered females and registered bulls which are for sale off the farm. We also run a commercial cattle herd which consists of Charolais, Simmental and Red Angus cross bred females. The Limousin genetics prove to be beneficial in producing an excellent quality product which comes through in both the pure bred and commercial herd. Through carcass testing we can prove that Limousin sired calves will work well in all programs. Whether you want to produce a lean meat yielding animal or the traditional marbled meat, Limousin genetics will work for you.

Our cattle are fed a corn silage, hay based ration which results in above average birth weights. The calving ease trait of the Limousin breed continues to prove itself time after time as our assisted births are virtually nil. The Limousin breed will produce impressive weaning weights which will result in incredible meat yields. Strong maternal instincts and vigorous calves are also associated with the breed. This greatly reduces the time spent with mother and calf during calving season.

All bulls and females are selected on the basis of docility, performance and maternal traits. We offer for sale animals that are geared to each individual cow/calf operator to help achieve a satisfying end result. With being commercial cow/calf and feedlot producers we see what Limousin genetics will do with each individual breed. You are welcome to visit Dustyridge Family Farms to see what we have to offer and how our genetics will benefit your operation. The coffee is always on!

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Emily's 4-H heifer project, Dustyridge Sadie.


Ryan's 4-H steer project, Limo-Char cross.


Feeder steers.

Limousin/Simmental fall calf.





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