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The current dairy barn consists of an 80 tie-stall facility with an attached calf barn. The barn was built new in 2002. This was a much welcomed change as the space was needed in order to accommodate the cows. The cows are all registered Holsteins with great temperaments and amazing milking power. These qualities have come through with careful selection of herd sires through the A.I program. The cows are fed numerous times throughout the day with fresh water available at all times. They are milked twice a day while enjoying relaxing music (the odd time we’ll throw in some hip-hop)!

The heifers are kept as replacement heifers and may be offered for sale. All steers are also kept in our on farm feedlot where they are fed a natural ration which consists of corn silage, haylage and a variety of grains all grown on the farm. Once again, no growth hormones and no animal bi-products have ever been used on the farm.

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